We are glad to inform you that the registration for the ‘A Happier Me creativity competition’ has been closed. Results will be announced on 15th of August 2021.

Nomination Categories

S.No Nomination Categories (NC)
1 Students up to the age of 10 years
2 Boys or Girls between 10-14 years of Age
3 Boys or Girls between 15-18 years of Age
4 Boys or Girls between 6-9th class
5 Boys or Girls between 10-12th class
6 Boys or Girls who are living in Hostel.
7 Boys or Girls studying in Government schools.
8 Boys or Girls studying in Private School
9 Students in Boarding School
10 Boys or Girls of Age 19-25 years
11 UG students of Arts
12 UG students of Science
13 UG students of Commerce
14 Journalism/Mass Communication
15 Engineering
16 Management course/MBA/Management Studies/etc.
17 Age between 26-36 years
18 Age between 36-46 years
19 Age between 46-56 years
20 Teachers and Professors
21 Healthcare personnel (Doctors, Physicians, Medical students, Nurse, pharmacist, lab tech, ward boys)
22 Single Parent
23 Army Personnel
24 Sports Enthusiasts
25 Rural
26 Foreign National (Citizens outside India)
27 Transgender
28 Working in Government Organizations
29 Working in Banks and Public Sector Organisations
30 Working in a Private organization
31 Not Currently Working
32 Housewives
33 People with current or past mental health disorder (Drugs/Depression/Suicide/etc.)
34 NRI
35 Urban
36 IT Fieldworker
37 Business owners
38 Member of a Nuclear Family
39 Member of a Joint Family
40 Differently Abled
41 Uniform wearers
42 Retired personnel
43 Authors/Writers/Theaters (Art)

*Nomination is not mandatory. You may apply either to the General category or may choose to nominate yourself in any of the above categories. You may nominate yourself in multiple Nomination Categories (NC) by paying a minimal fee that is determined region wise or you may choose to apply to the General Category (GC) without paying any fee. Your entry will be compared only with the other entries in similar category/categories for awarding prizes. *You will be awarded more points if you use examples from real-life situations to express your views that cater to the specific nomination categories to which you are applying.